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The Jobseeker network provides a platform for job seekers to apply for great jobs with employers of choice. Your job application goes directly to the employer and NO other party. We do this so you can communicate directly with the employer and bypass recruiters that may never give you that opportunity. In the past far too many jobseekers have had their resumes read by a software filtering program that rejects them based on a search algorithm.

Post COVID, those days are gone.

The future of on-boarding new staff is for candidates to be introduced directly to the employer, and together they will forge a new working relationship.

The day of the commission driven recruiter as a middle-person has gone

Your job application is sent directly to the employer, and absolutely no other party. We do our best to keep dodgy scam jobs out of our network, please advise us straight away if you find one. We do not allow recruiters to use the jobseeker network for resume harvesting, if you find evidence of this please contact us with the details.

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